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Coach Works is the trading name of Benjamin Constable, business coach and trainer in soft skills. For information about his work as a writer of fiction please click here 

Who is this for?

This website is for prospective clients, talent managers, and people that have heard about me, worked with me, or met me and want to check out what I do. Following the link to this page there are also details about clients I've worked with and the kinds of challenges they have faced...

For more about who this is for click here.

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Who is Benjamin Constable?

Choosing who you work with can have a major impact on the results you get from coaching. ICF coaches voluntarily adhere to clear guidelines about competencies and ethics. But each coach has a personality, focus, life experience, interpersonal values, and belief systems that influence how they work and the rapport that they generate with clients.  

For more about who I am, my values, experience, training, coaching influences, and clients click here.

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Why coaching?

There has been a lot of research and the numbers add up. Coaching works. People who use it create outcomes that they want. It's rarely easy and it doesn't protect them from all kinds of bad surprises, challenges, and bad luck. But it builds a thinking system designed to navigate the unknown and flow with it rather than desperately swimming against the courant. 

For more about why coaching is useful and some supporting data click here.


What I offer

I am primarily a coach in large and medium-sized organizations in a wide range of industries. I do individual coaching with all levels of managers from CEOs to people looking after their first teams. I also work with teams and diverse groups from within the same organization to find resources to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. 

For a list and explanations of what I do and what services I provide click here.

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